Sunday, March 14, 2010

And the Britney Song Was On

I was about to start writing about how I woke up not feeling well and the clock on my phone said 3:45 while the computer said 4:45 and how confused I was by it all because either way I was up before 5 am trying to futz with electronics. Then I randomly chose a title. I thought some music sounded good. I usually listen to a CD or the radio in the morning anyway. Putting the phrase "new music" into the Youtube search bar gave me several options, inlcluding the Lady Gaga/Beyonce colab---which I'm not really quite sure if I want to see that sucker again. Then  I saw this.

That album has the ability to transform me to  very specific time in my life, in the not so distant past. It brings me back to that apartment. Laying on the couch laughing and listening, debating and loving every second I was living. I can still see the pattern of that couch, feel the texture, where everything was placed...even the random feathers that always were escaping the bedding. There was so much angst and uncertaintly but it was all so very exciting and shiny. I love the fact that any song I hear from it takes me back there again.  That is one of the best albums and I have listened to it so many times when the first radio single came out all I could think was "UGH! That isn't even the best song on the album!". Go buy it. Listen to it 37,000 times and then listen to it again. Play it in the car. Play it full blast in the house while you do some cleaning. Your kids probably already know the words to Sex on Fire anyway.

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