Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just bought Rogaine for Women. I'm thirty one, talk about scary. I was told by a Walmart hairdresser well over a year ago, as she cut my hair, that my hair was thinning....and I guess I should have heeded her warning. I now am constantly checking to make sure it is laying just right, so as to cover any patches that seem certainly thin. The directions say to consult a doctor....but I don't have health insurance and pretty much only see a doctor when I feel like I'm about to die ( last doctor visit involved a full blown kidney infection, morphine, immense pain, and being told if I had caught this while it was a simple UTI I would not have felt as though I might die or that I could very well suffer brain damage beacuse my temperature was so high for so long that I had to lay shivering half naked on a hospital bed for six hours....or have needed to be hospitalized at all).

 So baldnesss? Stress...probably....age...maybe...but fifteen bucks on top of the vitamins and inner peace I'm trying to achieve to prevent these problems to begin with....hopefully will turn my thinning hair back to the unruly thick locks I once had. Fingers crossed.

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