Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Heart STS

I was thinking earlier this post should be about Stove Top Stuffing. I don't buy it very often, mostly because I can honestly eat the whole box to myself and even when I'm not trying to be all healthy and stuff I know a box of Stove Top isn't quite what I should be eating (nevermind that half gallon of ice cream I would have for dessert) but every time I do ( or did buy it/and/or eat the whole box) I think "Man this shit is AWESOME!!!".  Well, I grilled some chicken tonight and made some Stove Top and the kids were lucky they even got the generous first helping much less seconds. Stove Top is as easy, or easier, to make than Ramen Noodles. You really dont have to do shit after the water boils but put the crumbs in and shut the burner off. You can over cook Ramen. I've done it. Sorry ex-brother in law who had to eat the nasty over cooked chicken Ramen. HAHAHAHAHA. You sucked anyway....

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