Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Love Tarot, 1/11/10

The King of Wands card reversed suggests that you should try not to torment yourself over the past or over that which you can not control, especially through denial, which could make for a defensive attitude. Be open to a move or to reassessing relationship goals, for there may be little or nothing left to get out of this situation as it stands now. Watch out for a tendency to drown in nostalgia, for reminiscing over past achievements take precedence over planning for future endeavors. That could intimate that the glory days or passionate adventures are all behind you. Use this energy to plug your relationship or love life back into a power source.

My daughter asked me the other day if I believed in ghosts. I thought for a moment and could only answer that I didn't actually know. I explained that there are some people who believe and have experiences that can't be explained in a neat little scientific package. And then there are those who can't even fathom the faintest possibility of such things (but God and Angels are real).

I believe that anything is possible. I struggle with the ingrained idea that ghosts and phenomenon, astrology and the universe are really just little fairy tales that make life and death and the unknown less scary and more exciting. But then I think .... BUT WAIT. What if? What if it is real, in some way, on some level. So while I take each horoscope, or sign, or whatever with a wee bit of salt I still enjoy the possibility that there are forces at work around us. What if I slowed down long enough and listened hard enough. What if I control my destiny because I choose to and am able to. Never surrendering myself to fate, but owning it. Feels kind of exciting that way.

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